What Time Was it 20 Minutes Ago

20 minutes ago the time was:

How to Manually Calculate What Time Was it 20 Minutes Ago

Here’s how you can manually calculate what time was it 20 minutes ago:

1. Know the Current Time:

First, you need to be aware of the exact time you’re referencing.

2. Break Down the Minutes:

Since you want to find the time 20 minutes ago, you need to subtract 20 minutes from the current minute value.

  • Current Minute – 20 minutes

3. Handle Minute Overflow:

There are two scenarios depending on the current minute value:

  • Minutes Less Than Target: If the target minutes to subtract (20) are more than the current minute value, it means you’ll have to “borrow” from the hour.
  • Minutes More Than Target: If the current minute value is greater than the target minutes to subtract (20), the calculation is straightforward.

4. Adjust the Hour (if necessary):

  • Borrowing Scenario: Since you “borrowed” an hour in the first scenario (minutes less than target), you need to adjust the current hour accordingly.
    • Subtract 1 from the current hour.
    • This will give you a new hour value.

5. The Final Answer.

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