Percentage Calculator

What is a Percentage Calculator and How Does it Work?

Our percentage calculator eliminates the need for complex formulas and mental math. It’s designed to handle a wide range of percentage calculations, making your life easier:

  • Find a percentage of a number: Enter a base value and the desired percentage, and the calculator will instantly display the corresponding result. (e.g., Find 15% of $50)
  • Calculate a percentage increase or decrease: Specify a starting value, and the percentage change (positive for increase, negative for decrease), and the calculator will show the new value. (e.g., Calculate a 10% increase on $200)
  • Find the whole given a part and percentage: Enter a portion of a whole and the corresponding percentage it represents, and the calculator will determine the original whole amount. (e.g., If 25 is 20% of something, what’s the whole?)
percentage calculator

Why Use Our Percentage Calculator?

  • Accuracy & Efficiency: Eliminate errors and save time with instant calculations.
  • Simple Interface: The user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of math skills.
  • Versatility: Handle various percentage calculations, from basic percentages to complex increase/decrease problems.
  • Free to Use: Access the calculator anytime, anywhere, with no cost involved.


1. Do I need to be good at math to use this calculator?

No! The calculator is designed for anyone, regardless of math skills. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to enter your values and get instant results.

2. Is the Percentage Calculator free to use?

Yes! You can access and use the calculator anytime, anywhere, with no cost involved.

3. What are some real-life situations where I can use this calculator?

This versatile tool can be used in many everyday situations, such as:

  • Shopping: Calculate discounts, sales tax, and tip amounts.
  • Finance: Determine interest rates, loan payments, and profit margins.
  • Health & Fitness: Track body fat percentage, calculate calorie intake based on macros, and monitor progress towards fitness goals.
  • Recipes: Adjust recipe quantities based on the number of servings.
  • Taxes: Estimate income tax or sales tax owed.

4. Is the calculator secure?

We take data security seriously. The calculator is designed to be secure and will not store any personal information you enter while using it.

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